SVBD Mentor Jack Hoban on Community Policing in Camden NJ

Here is in interesting article, although disappointingly brief, about the work Jack is doing with the Camden, NJ police.
Community policing lesson for Camden County Police to come from retired U.S. Marine

For those of us who made it to last fall’s seminar, Jack shared some of the successful resolutions they have made since adopting an ethical protector approach to policing.

More information on Jack’s training here.







SFO Warriorship Seminar



Once again, Jack Hoban will be visiting California for his “Year in Review” Seminar. Seminar information can be found HERE.

This is a once a year opportunity to bring your Taijutsu up to a new level. Mr. Hoban’s interpretation and insight bring a deeper understanding of Budo and its relationship to morality and ethics.

SVBD members are highly encouraged to attend.


A Definite Drop Off… The New Bujinkan Hombu Dojo

No new blog posts here since our last visit to Japan.  It has been a long time since the Fall of 2014.  To long to leave this blog dormant.  With a new trip in the planning stages, we hope to fill in more as the schedule develops.

Since the new Bujinkan Hombu Dojo was just beginning during our last trip, it will be a treat to finally visit.


American, Brit and Kiwi Ninja…San Jose Bujin Visit Tokyo

The Silicon Valley Bujinkan Dojo just returned from a thirteen day trip to Japan.  It was great to see our friends and places, make some new friends and learn new nick names of our old ones.  Training was great, of course, but seemed to go past in a whirlwind.  We stayed in a new location this trip, which may become a new standard.  As all trips must come to an end, at least so far, we are back in California, safe and sound.

Getting in late on a Friday night, we quickly got training started with a short session Saturday morning.  Our luxurious ride from Shinagawa to Saturday night training was on a road trip to see old friends so we stayed for beers with the gang at Asakadai.  Being extremely jet-lagged at that point we slipped out early with a resident that had a very long train ride.  It was great to get to know him as we had seen him around for many years and never were introduced.

I learned my Brit ex-pat friend’s nickname, “Shandy Pants” from his good friend “G.T.” visiting from the U.K.  (I will leave out the explanation of G.T. as a matter of decorum.)  G.T. even got a new nickname, “Annoying Orange”.

On our last night we got a nice impromptu send off from one of my favorite restaurants.  Kiwi, Fin, American, Brit and Japanese friends were there to enjoy some delicious Chicago style pizza and a selection of twenty craft beers.   Some quick goodbyes and it was straight to the airport for the trip home.

We are already looking forward to our next trip to Tokyo …. well maybe not quite yet.